Registrar’s Message

Message from Registrar's Desk

We believe education will play a significant role in accomplishing future productivity, economic goals, and higher standards of living throughout the world.

In this age of global competitiveness, employment opportunities will demand increasing skills; thus higher & professional education issues will receive high priority throughout the world. It has been obvious to us for a good many years that the traditional educational system cannot keep pace with a rapidly evolving scientific technology and system since it is riddled with inflexibility and bureaucratic lethargy. Any country that wishes to compete in today's market place must be equipped with highly educated and skilled work force.

We at the Geetanjali University are committed to offer a high degree of flexibility and caliber in disseminating higher education to our students and will endeavor to blend to the best of academic rigor and pragmatic applications that will contribute to the success of our graduates in the work place. Each student's program of study will be individually customized to ensure that his/her educational objectives will be achieved in the shortest allowable time frame.

We provide the efficient medical facilities at affordable costs to the common public – thereby facilitating prevention and cure of fatal diseases in a progressing country like India. Also, the availability of research facilities, technology and accessibility to latest medical equipments again at affordable costs.

Our study programs have been developed to respond to the academic needs of the adult learner in the work place. The University consistently strives to provide an education that leads to degrees relevant to today's work place in a global setting, yet competitive in today's academic market place. We are committed to meet the needs of our students in a innovative and flexible curricula, excellence, effectiveness, academic rigor and personalized services.

I heartily welcome the students seeking admission in the program offered by Geetanjali University.

Bhupendra Singh Mandlia
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