Department of Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine: The branch of medicine dealing with the application of medical knowledge to establish facts in civil or criminal legal cases, such as an investigation into the cause and time of a suspicious death. Also known as forensic pathology.

Courses Offered

  • Ph.D (Forensic Medicine)
  • MD (Forensic Medicine)


Forensic Medicine Dept. is situated on the 7th floor of the college. Dept. Having full experience faculty as per MCI requirement. Dept. having separate room for faculty. There is one laboratory, seating capacity of 120 students, two demonstration room, Seating capacity of 80 students per room, One Dept. Library which contain 107 Book of different authors and 8 National and 2 International journals, One of the best Museum compare to other medical college, containing 205 photograph, 120 specimen of poisons, 28 Bones, 102 Weapons, 20 wet specimen, 5 Wax model, 45 charts and seating capacity of 40 students, one own Research laboratory which contains 30 Microscope and two bionocular Microscope and all instrument and equipments as per MCI requirement. Dept having separate Mortuary building and cold storage.


Ongoing Research Work

  • "A study of estimation of age by X –Ray of elbow and wrist joint" "A study of pattern of injuries in Road Traffic Accident cases"

Research Publications of The Staff

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Assistant Professor
  • Trends of fatal poisoning in Saurashtra Region of Gujrat.
  • A Prospective study) – Published in IAFM Journal July-Sep addition -2011