Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the basic medical science in its own rights; it borrows freely from and contributes generously to the subject matter and techniques of many medical disciplines, both clinical as well as pre clinical. The department is functioning with the main objectives like- the correlation of strictly pharmacological information with the medicine as a whole, the re-interpretation of the actions and uses of well established therapeutic agents in the light of recent advances in medical sciences; and it is also emphasized on the application of pharmacodynamics to therapeutics and to acquire the basic principles necessary for the rational use of drugs in daily practice. The department is also active in the field of pharmacovigilance, increasing awareness about adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and their reporting among the health care professionals as well as educating students about its importance. Therefore this department is the backbone forming a bridge between basic medical sciences on one end and clinical medicine on the other end. To impart skills to budding doctors pharmacology is an essential area of medical profession. 

Courses Offered

  • MD (Pharmacology)
  • M.Sc.(Pharmacology)


Experimental Lab

  • Here the students perform the experiments on the animals like rabbits and guinea pigs and see the effects o various drugs on them..

Pharmacy Lab

  • This lab trains the undergraduate students to prepare the drugs like mixtures, ointments, powders etc.

Clinical Pharmacology Lab

  • ECG, Sphygmomanometer, spirometer to see the effect of drugs and other parameters on the body systems.

Biochemical Lab

  • Contains spectrometer, flame photometer, analgesiometer etc. In Vitro lab In Vivo lab

Two Research Lab


Ongoing Research Work

  • A study on prescribing pattern of AMAs in the cardiac intensive care unit of a tertiary care teaching hospital.
  • Study of effect, and to explore the mechanism of action of ethanolic extract of lagenaria siceraria fruit in attenuating oxidative stress in experimentally induced diabetes, hepatotoxicity and depression in animal models.
  • Study of boerhaavia diffusa and its comparision with pregabalin inattenuating the neuropathic pain induced by anticancer drugs in rats.

Research Publications of The Staff

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  • Two laboratories for undergraduates meant for experimental and pharmacy with the capacity for accommodating 90 students at a time. Two demonstration rooms; each equipped with audio-visual system with the capacity for accommodating 90 seats.
  • Four research laboratories meant for post graduates practical and research work; in-vitro and in-vivo studies in animals, biochemical studies and clinical pharmacology for human volunteers.
  • Departmental museum is enriched with the portraits of eminent scientists and the charts depicting historical development in pharmacology, informative educational charts and models, and instruments etc.
  • Departmental library with various books and journals both for undergraduates and post graduates.
  • One seminar rooms equipped with audio-visual system for scientific sessions and journal clubs and seminars.
  • A well maintained animal house having sufficient numbers of experimental animals of different species to be used for various research activities.
  • Pharmacovigilance centre for reporting ADR from different fields of medicine is run by Department of Pharmacology which is under PvPI. Our department has animal simulators to decrease the use of animals in teaching purpose