Geetanjali College & School of Nursing

Geetanjali College & School of Nursing is a prime institute under Geetanjali University that provides education to those students who aspire to become a nurse in their future. This field is not just a professionally good but also socially responsible career. Those students who irrespective of their genders feel to get knowledge in the field of nursing and help and serve the needy can easily enroll in the institute.

The department in this institute is a well structured and formatted by the management of the university. The faculty of the department is experienced and talented in their field. They impart not only theoretical but also required practical knowledge to the students in labs provided in the institute premises. Number of facilities such as library, spacious classrooms, guidance & counseling cell, laboratories, etc. is provided to the students. The students also get a chance of doing practical study of their knowledge in the Geetanjali Hospital.

Faculty List

S.No.NameDesignation DepartmentProfile
1Dr. Jayalakshmi L.S.Dean & Director, GCN & GSNGCNView Profile
2Dr. Yogeshwar Puri GoswamiPrincipalGCNView Profile
3Mr. Gajendra JainPrincipalGSNView Profile
4Mr. Kuldeep PatidarAcademic OfficerGCNView Profile
  Department of Psychiatric Nursing  
1Dr. Samual GeorgeProfessor & Head of Nursing ResearchGCNView Profile
2Dr. Yogeshwar Puri GoswamiPrincipalGCNView Profile
3Mr. Kuldeep PatidarAcademic OfficerGCNView Profile
4Mr. Dinesh Kumar  Sharma,Asst Professor &HOD -MHNGCNView Profile
5Mr. Pradyuuman Singh,Sr. Tutor, MHNGSNView Profile
6Mr. Bhairon Singh Chundawat,Clinical Instructor, PSY.GCNView Profile
  Department of Medical- Surgical Nursing 
1Mr. Aakash ChavdaAsst Professor &HOD -MSNGCNView Profile
2Mr. Sandeep Kumar N.Asst Professor, MSNGCNView Profile
3Mr. Janak JoshiAsst Professor, MSNGCNView Profile
4Mr. Vijay PurbiaAsst Professor, MSNGSNView Profile
5Mr. Harshvardhan SinghSr. Tutor, MSNGSNView Profile
6Mr. Ravi Shankar PatelClinical Instructor, MSNGCNView Profile
7Mr. Mahaveer SharmaClinical Instructor, MSNGCNView Profile
  Department of Community health Nursing 
1Mr. Kamlesh JoshiAsst Professor & HOD -CHNGCNView Profile
2Mr. Vishwas A.S.Asst Professor, CHNGCNView Profile
3Mr. DevnarayanLecturer, CHNGCNView Profile
4Mr. Khemraj KumawatSr. Tutor, CHNGCNView Profile
5Mr. Deendayal SinghSr. Tutor, CHNGCNView Profile
  Department of Pediatric Nursing 
1Mr. Gajendra JainPrincipal/ Asst Professor- PEDGSNView Profile
2Mr. Deepak B.VAsst Professor & HOD- PED.GCNView Profile
3Mr. Vinayaka A.M.Asst Professor, PED.GSNView Profile
4Mr. Tejasvi T.Asst Professor, PED.GCNView Profile
5Mr. Gaurav SanadhyaClinical Instructor, PED.GCNView Profile
6Mr. Hitesh TailorClinical Instructor, PED.GCNView Profile
  Department of Obsteritics & Gynecological Nursing 
1Mrs. Yashaswini Deepak.Asst Professor& HOD-OBGGCNView Profile
2Ms. Anuradha VaishnavAsst Professor, OBGGCNView Profile
3Mrs. Preeti ShinaLecturer, OBGGCNView Profile
4Mr. Shiv Pratap SinghSr. Tutor, OBGGCNView Profile
5Mr. Kamlesh SoniClinical Instructor, OBGGCNView Profile
  Faculty of English & Computer education 
1Mrs. Sandhya NairEnglish LecturerGCNView Profile
1Mrs. Meena SolankiSr. Librarian, GCNGCNView Profile
2Mrs. Laxmi SharmaJu. Librarian, GSNGSNView Profile
  H. R Department 
1Mr. Chandraveer SinghSenior H.R. ExecutiveGCNView Profile
2Mr. Hitendra SinghSenior H.R. ExecutiveGCNView Profile
3Mr. Praveen PurbiaH.R. ExecutiveGCNView Profile
4Mr. Mukesh VyasH.R. ExecutiveGCNView Profile
1Mr. Shravan DangiPeonGCNView Profile
2Mr. Roop SinghPeonGSNView Profile
3Mr. Mahendra GametiPeonGSNView Profile
4Mr. MadanPeonGCNView Profile
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