Geetanjali performs miraculous surgeries, saves Mother & Child

Geetanjali Hospital saves lives of Three Kids
May 4, 2014
Valve Replacement Surgery gives normal life to kids at Geetanjali Cardiac Centre, Udaipur
January 6, 2018

he famous Bollywood hospital line of when the doctor says, “Either the child can be saved or the mother,” saw a miraculous change at Geetanjali Medical Hospital where the panel of doctors faced the similar challenge and saved the lives of both instead.

Two different surgeries took place in which first, the baby was delivered with a caesarian operation and immediately after that, the doctors transplanted the valve of mother’s heart thereby saving the life of the mother and her child.

While addressing the media, cardiac surgeon Sanjay Gandhi said that the unique condition came in light two months back when the 7 month pregnant woman Sulachna Nagar visited the hospital & husband with complaints of weakness of heart, problems in respiratory system and swelling in body. She was kept on medicines and rest for 2-3 months post which the operation took place.

The woman was suffering from a weak valve in heart and so the doctors studied the case and miraculously performed both the operation, second in the country after one similar case dealt with in Delhi, Dr. Gandhi informed.

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