Valve Replacement Surgery gives normal life to kids at Geetanjali Cardiac Centre, Udaipur

Geetanjali performs miraculous surgeries, saves Mother & Child
May 5, 2014

Geetanjali Hospital’ Cardiac Department’s Dr. Sanjay Gandhi with his team of Dr. Ankur Gandhi, Dr. KalpeshMistri and Dr. Manmohan Jindal brought back normalcy in the life of an 11 year old girl who underwent a valve replacement surgery.

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi informed that Pooja Meghwal (11), resident of Nimahera had problems in breathing where she suffered fast heartbeats, blackening of lips & nails and red eyes. After checkup, it was found that she lacked a valve which was treated after operation.

Likewise, another girl Sakhi Patel (3.5 years old) had a hole in her heart and compressed lung pipe which was operated successfully for her to now breathe normally again.

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