President's Message

The Mewar region of the western Indian state of Rajasthan has been a land, known since ages for its extreme valour, impeccable integrity, rich culture and pristine natural beauty. The establishment of Geetanjali University (GU) has catapulted it to be, as well, a hub of quality medical education and premium tertiary healthcare services; which, besides fulfilling the global standards, caters well to the regional needs. We, at Geetanjali University, believe that problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them; hence our vision seeks to carve intellectuals out of students, who are not only knowledgeable but also adequately skilled.
Geetanjali University is a conglomerate of institutions of health education, which include the colleges of Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, offering a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and certificate programmes in the above streams. The attached, state of the art, tertiary care, Geetanjali hospital offers a teaching environment with abundant clinical material and highly qualified teaching faculty, so essential for being a training institute expected to impart quality medical education. Truly adhering to our motto “Health is Happiness” in letter and spirit, Geetanjali Hospital provides best medical care at reasonable rates.
Learning is experience; everything else is just information. Hence, our special emphasis is on the clinical training of our students and to help develop life long learning instincts in them. In this direction, we are in the process to establish a ‘state of the art’ skill lab, replete with simulators and full body mannequins, to ensure skill development and essential certifications.We like to ensure that our faculty remains in constant touch with the recent developments in their field of specialization, as well as, in the latest technologies of imparting medical education.To this effect, our medical education unit ensures conducting regular training courses and workshops for our ‘in house’ faculty; and we are on track to soon acquire the status of a National Medical Commission (NMC) mandated regional centre, which would be a hub to train the faculty of all the other medical institutions in the region. All our faculty members have completed their basic training in medical education; and a significant number of them have also completed a yearlong advance course. Geetanjali University holds a membership of the prestigious ‘Global Partnership for Educational Exchange in Medicine and the Health Professions’ (GEMx), a service of the ECFMG, United States of America. This partnership facilitates increased access to international elective exchange opportunities, including clinical electives, research electives and observerships for interested students amongst the affiliated medical institutions across the globe.
Innovation contributes to the technological, economic, social and cultural development, both locally and globally; and hence, we ensure that our university is at the forefront. To this effect, our faculty and research scholars continue to contribute a number of publications, in both national and international journals, every year. Apart from the research work as part of the postgraduate studies in medicine, we also run PhD programs in health sciences dealing with topics of significant academic and community interest. We take pride in our robust mentorship programme, where an allotted teacher regularly guides his group of students and helps solve their problems, both professional and to an extent, personal. To keep the parents roped in, they are regularly informed about the progress of their wards, electronically. Our large campus, situated in the lap of nature, with its manicured gardens, landscaped open spaces and serene water bodies, is as vibrant as it is beautiful. For the all-round personality development of the students, a new modern sports complex featuring indoor and outdoor sports facilities and a swimming pool is fast coming up in the campus. We already have an impressive, centrally air conditioned auditorium, for conducting cultural and educational activities. A newly built twelve storey, air conditioned hostel building has come up, which has all the facilities ranging from automated central kitchen, mechanized laundry and a very well equipped gymnasium.
Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today. We, at Geetanjali University, are thus busy to create a path. I invite you to tread along, to make your journey a phenomenal success.

Prof. (Dr.) F.S. Mehta