Geetanjali College of Nursing is equipped with following facilities:


Our college of nursing is the training grounds for M.Sc. (N), B.Sc. (N), P.B.B.Sc. (N) and GNM students to develop their professional and technical skills in Nursing before stepping into the clinical practice. The above mentioned laboratories are well furnished and equipped with dummies/manikin/specimens /models /puppets/ charts / posters instruments / bones / linen / trays/ advanced equipments and other related articles to practice nursing procedures efficiently. The students enjoy individual hands-on experience on various practical procedures Nutrition Laboratory
Advanced Medical Surgical Laboratory
Community Health Nursing Laboratory
MCH Laboratory
Computer Laboratory
A.V. Aids Laboratory
Anatomy Laboratory
Physiology Laboratory
Pathology Laboratory


Our Institute has its own buses for sate transport for outreach services and observational visits for students. Every year students will be taken for education trip also. The students will be taken to observational visits like Narayan seva sansthan, milk diary, orphanage homes, old age homes, TB centre at Bari, Udaipur, cold storage plant, BDO office, AYUSH centres, Deaf and Dumb schools and water purification plant etc.

Multi Speciality Hospital-Clinical Facilities

Our multi-specialty hospital caters to a large number of the needy, as in-patients and out-patients, providing specialized care in all the departments. Nursing students are really privileged to have clinical exposure in their own parent multi-specialty hospital with 1150 bed strength. The public is getting treatment at concession. The average daily outpatients will be approximately 450-550.


Our nursing school and college of nursing has got its own library, in addition to the central library, it shelved with approx. 9000 nursing books, nursing related science books in different titles, current Indian and foreign journals as required and adequate to cater the needs of B.Sc (N) course / M.Sc (N) and Post Basic B.Sc (N) training students.


A separate well-furnished hostel for boys and girls are available in the college campus which is more spacious, well ventilated and air conditioned. Students are given ozonised, purified water.


A separate well-furnished Mess for boys and girls are available in the college campus which is more spacious, well ventilated and air conditioned. Students are given ozonised, purified water, hygienically prepared and high quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


Geetanjali University has a number of talented and artistic students enrolled with them. The management has ensured that all the students get a proper stage to show their talents whether it is acting, singing, dancing, etc. The auditoriums are very spacious with a wide screen, big stage and proper back stage facility. For various educational, non-educational and extra curricularactivities these auditoriums become the witness of their success. The auditoriums are not only fully air conditioned but also well equipped with latest audio and visual equipment. The auditoriums are also kept in good condition with proper maintenance. All safety measures are taken into consideration for these auditoriums as well.


Advance Medical Surgical Nursing Laboratory

Community Lab

Community Bag – 100, with community setup and have adequate number of articles, as per prescribed norms by INC.

Nutrition Laboratory

Has adequate number of articles (like cooking stoves, gas connections, crockery & cutlery sets, dietetic scales, cupboards, refrigerators etc.) as per prescribed norms by INC.

Anatomy Laboratory

Has adequate number of human bones, models, charts, Specimens, Models and skeleton as per prescribed norms by INC.

Obg Lab

as 5 Maternal Pelvis, 5 Fetal skull, 5 labor dummy, 5 newborn dummy, 5 Midwifery table and other articles, Charts and instruments according to prescribed norms by INC.

Pediatric Lab

Has adequate numbers of models, charts and instruments according to prescribed norms by INC.

Computer Lab

There are 60 Computers in lab with internet connection and Wi-Fi facility within the campus by INC

Audio Visual Aids Lab