Career at GU

Geetanjali University not only takes good care of the students enrolled in the institutes but also the faculty associated with them. The life of the teachers at GU is also worth praising because of the amenities and environment they are provided with..

The students are strongly instructed to respect and always never misbehave with the teachers no matter how worse the situation becomes. The teachers are given separate staffrooms for different departments that helps them to keep connected with each other and relax after every lecture. The staffrooms are also well structured spacious, comfortable and fully air conditioned. The teachers are allotted with tea/coffee machines within the staffrooms only.

It is always a learning experience for even the teachers as they are provided with full resources to do research and development. The teachers are involved with various research work and the students also support them to make it a successful attempt. The teachers are also backed with the provisions provided by the institutes and university. For the teachers as well there are ample of amenities such as text books, reference books, research journals and published papers, etc. to get new knowledge over one topic and deliver best of it to the students in the classrooms.

For Geetanjali University the faculty is a source of strength. They make every effort to keep their treasure safe, secure and healthy. The teachers are very dedicated and committed to their work and together the team makes the perfect combination of talent and brains. The students also make sure that they give utmost importance to what their teachers are saying. This in all makes a perfect environment to work and grow every day.

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