About Us

We strive for excellence in every field of dentistry to provide quality patient care in the most efficient and effective manner to achieve optimal patient health. As the name suggests, our institute generates and disseminates new knowledge in the field of research and development to improve the public health and oral health both nationally and internationally. The institute aims to provide innovative, inter-professional educational experiences that develop students as integral members of the health care team and future leaders, We foster an environment in which all students, employees, clinicians and researchers can reach their highest personal academic and professional potential..

The focus is on producing top oral healthcare professionals doing pioneering research and successfully treating patients, keeping themselves abreast with our core values of ethics, honesty, respect and integrity in our daily lives. We pursue the advancement of knowledge while meeting the highest standards of righteousness, accuracy and objectivity. Finally we envision being a worldwide leader in dental education and public health, clinical practice, and scientific discovery.