Message from Principal's Desk

Dear Students,

Hearty welcome to Geetanjali University a splendid Temple of Learning. I am happy to learn about your keenness for joining our college of dentistry Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Keeping in view the increasing awareness of proper dental care and a great dearth of well qualified dental graduates in India, particularly in the state of Rajasthan, the Geetanjali University took up challenge by establishing the Geetanjali Dental & Research Institute.

Dentistry offers an arena of opportunities and promises but challenges the best and the brightest minds to learn the science of dentistry and the art of compassionate care. As one of the nation's upcoming premier dental college, Geetanjali Dental & Research Institute (GDRI) is dedicated to advancing Dental care and humane healing through innovative educational methods. The GDRI faculty takes pride in its commitment to educating the next generation of scientists, public health practitioners, and clinicians. Our faculty comprises of well experienced, talented, renowned and successful teachers and some of them are icons in their respective field that have been imparting up-to-date knowledge and training in good diagnosis and therapeutic facilities, research and academic activities.

Easily accessible to patients from all corners of the city and neighboring areas, the patients’ inflow into our hospital is excellent, reaching to about 100 -120 daily in addition to routine appointments. The ambiance and excellent facilities help in attracting our students and patients from all strata of the society. With state-of-the-art equipment, the changing demands of dental services will be adequately met by our facilities. We provide unmatched services in the cause of Dental Education, Health, and Hygiene. Experiment and innovative to utilize high technology advances in the field of Dental Health in the remotest corners of the state and that too cost-effectively.

Best Wishes Always !!!
Dr. Nikhil Verma
Principal, Prof & HOD, Deptt. of Prosthodontics