Vice Chairman's Message

"Reasonable men adapt to the world.
Unreasonable men make adapt the world to themselves.
That's why all progress depends on unreasonable men."

We are continuously marching forth to combine Medical Education with the most developed and Advanced Medical Research and Introducing Relevant Courses to keep pace with current Clinical Research.

In the recent past, many of our Faculty Members and students have received outstanding awards due to their achievements. Numerous publications of our Faculty Members, Students have published scientific papers, books and monographs, and have participated in national and international conferences, presented their work globally, several others were honored and felicitated for their contribution to their specialties.

I would like to felicitate the team of Geetanjali University for consistency, perseverance faith, and great service to Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital.

I am glad to share with you the accomplishment story of our University, how far we have come ever since we came into existence. From small Hospital and Medical College, to a Multi super-specialty Post-Graduate Institute and as quaternary care Hospital. We have the prominent Professors whose continuous presence makes us feel proud of their Professional Excellence and service to the community.

We exceedingly strive to become the leading medical college Nationally and choice of students for Medical Education and Research.

Kapil Agarwal

Vice Chairman