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Research & Development

Research and development is a very integral part of Geetanjali University and the curriculum being taught in the institutes under the university. The courses in these institutions are research based and the students are encouraged to do R&D on their end on any given topic.

The curriculum itself allows the students to participate in the research work according to their field of study. The students in the university are active participants of the research work done by their teachers or themselves.

Every course has a particular part wherein they have to do research on either a voluntarily chosen topic or given by their respective teachers. The teachers themselves does research work and get their work published in journals which not just gain them fame but also enhances their knowledge. This advanced knowledge is then imbibed to the students.

Some of the research works are joint ventures of teachers and students. This strengthens the relationship between student & teacher. It also further enables them to work together and brush up their skills and knowledge. Research work is basically done for personal and holistic development of both the student and faculty.


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