The management of Geetanjali University is a responsible team of people that ensures proper safety and healthy environment for the students and faculty.

Every safety measure is taken to assure the health of the people associated with the university by providing them clean, hygienic and healthy environment. In case any student or faculty gets ill or meets physical accidents then they have got the provision of healthcare and sickrooms. The students or the teachers if feel sick can take rest in the dormitories and also get proper medical aid for the same. Qualified and professional nurses are hired for such departments. Those who meet major illness or accidents are also directly admitted to the Geetanjali hospital only.

The healthcare department is well organized and takes all the required steps to keep the health of the student or the teacher well. Proper provisions for medicine, beds, health check up kits are done so that no inconvenience or delay is made. The students of the university are taken care as a part of the family only.