The libraries in the institutes of Geetanjali University are very well built and have proper structure. The institutes have their individual libraries inbuilt in the premises. The libraries are also specifically designed for their courses and the subjects taught in them..

The book shelves are stuffed with all the old and new versions of books related to their courses and out of it. The libraries provide a peaceful environment and allow the students to concentrate. A separate reading area is also designed within the library for the same. The students not only read the books but also borrow the same for a few days as per the rules of the institute. The library is well space has good ventilation in it.

The students are allowed to read freely within the library for a number of hours. The students don't have to buy any book and it is not even mandatory to only read books but they can also read magazines, and newspapers provided in the library itself. The bookshelves are classified and well-structured and the library teachers makes sure of the maintaining the decorum of the library at every hour of the day.