Student Support

Geetanjali University was established with a student oriented approach in their mind and it is their prime motto to satisfy the students getting enrolled with them.

The students at GU have to be morally satisfied, physically fit, mentally balanced and internally growing. To make sure of it the management team of Geetanjali leave no stone unturned and makes all possible efforts to do the same. Students are morally supported here in Geetanjali and this is why they are happy to be a part of the University.

The faculty takes care of the students’ academic stabilities and helps them to grow better day by day. Special attention is paid to the students who are average or below average in studies. It assures them of getting good score in their examination and hence results in a better future. Internal placements take place in the institutes and those who are extremely talented and display their talents during their course are absorbed by the Geetanjali Hospital itself. But the management makes sure that those who don't get the opportunity are given proper guidance so that they can do well in their career as well outside GU.

Other than this, the students are also allowed to talk anything with their teachers and discuss their matters with them to get proper advice for every situation. The teachers also welcome such students and treat their issues with sheer seriousness and importance. Hence those who pass out from GU come out to become a better human being with all the aspects of humanity.