Geetanjali University is sincerely focused at preserving the environment and fulfills its social responsibility with earnest commitment.

According to the management of the University it is very important for the students to understand the importance of social responsibility as well. Frequent and regular activities take place within the university and the institutes to keep them updated of the importance of their contribution towards the society they are living in.

The students, teachers and management actively take part in the activities that happens from time to time. A number of campaigns, morchas, etc. takes place in the University wherein the students are allowed to take part voluntarily in all the actions. Non-violence is a way to reach success and hence the same is followed during all the campaigns and morchas. The teachers and management makes sure of maintaining the decorum of the University as well.

These good deeds develop humanity in them and hence making a better society to live in. their internal growth, development, nurturing is the main motto of GU and because of such activities. The management becomes successful in their mission of a better growing and developing country.